Cameron Diaz will give you (internet) viruses

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Cameron Diaz hot

According to a new survey, Cameron Diaz is the most diseased woman on the internet. Well, to be more specific, the search "Cameron Diaz" is the celebrity name search most likely to give your computer cooties. Here's the explanation from that annoying Windows anti-virus software maker McAfee:

McAfee's fourth annual list of the "most dangerous celebrities to search for" on the Internet places the "Knight and Day" star at No. 1. The company says searching for the "latest Cameron Diaz pictures and downloads yields a 10 percent chance of landing on a website that's tested positive for online threats, such as spywareadwarespamphishing, viruses and other malware."

Diaz shouldn't feel bad, though. McAfee says cyber criminals tend to haunt websites of the most popular celebrities, and notes that bad guys are getting more sophisticated at hiding their malicious treats. Downloading photos and screen savers poses particular risks, the firm said. [Mercury News]

Julia Roberts, Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Biel are the other top dangerous searches. Ladies, be careful when you search for Brad Pitt; he rounds out the top 5 of most virus-prone internet results.