“Children’s Hospital,” “Delocated” and new Conan O’Brien show on Adult Swim

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The creators of Mad Men best brace themselves for a ratings impact; two shows are returning Sunday nights to Adult Swim.

The live-action comedy series Delocated (and personal favorite) aired its second season premiere last night after a much-too-long hiatus. The series follows a family man who not only elects to star in his own reality show, but is also in the witness protection program. Hence, the black ski-masks and baritone voice modulation. Not to mention the desperate air of vanity and general cluelesness that comedian Jon Glaser spent his mostly unrecognized career perfecting. Comedy!

Everyone knows the following show as its promotional ad space takes up about one-third of the web. (You know, this banner.) Children's Hospital was originally a web series picked up by Adult Swim and starring Rob Cordry. Malin Akerman joins the cast this season, and she likely play some sort of hot doctor person.

Delocated and Chilren's Hospital will occupy the 10 and 10:30pm slots – widely considered a vicious counter-attack on AMC. (Cartoon Network is still angry about the ratings slam during "Peter O'Toole month.")

The Conan O'Brien-produced live-action comedy Eagleheart will also join the Sunday night lineup. Chris Elliott stars as "a low-level TV executive is sent to Texas to produce the action series 'Eagleheart' and finds himself stuck in a never-ending power struggle with his temperamental star." No word yet when that's premiering, but when an untethered O'Brien and the questionably sane Chris Elliott make a show, you should keep track.

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