National topless day burns Austin, other cities alive

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Topless day in NYC

The summer of The Heat continued on Saturday, with many major American cities hitting mid-80-degree temps or significantly higher. Austin, with thermometers reading 102, the third annual National Go Topless Day went off without a hitch… or most other articles of clothing.

In case you don't know about this bizarre event (you'll see why I say "bizarre" — and it's not because of the much-welcome free-spiritedness and nudity), check out Chicagoist's description of its own nude invasion: 

While discussing the protest around the Chicagoist water cooler, Chicagoista Michele quipped, "Obviously a man's idea." Indeed, Michele, and not just any man, was founded by Claude Vorilhon: sports car journalist, race car driver and magazine owner, better known as Rael, leader of the Raelian Movement cult religion.

Raelism is a "UFO religion" that believes that life on Earth is the result of experiments by extraterrestrials. Rael founded the religion in 1974 after a supposed alien encounter of his own the year before. But the group is more widely known for its claim in 2002 that the company Rael founded, Clonaid, had produced a human clone, Eve. The event garnered tons of publicity, but interest waned when independent proof was never produced. 

So, those are the people we can, well, thank for this fine, fine developing American tradition.

topless day NSFW

National Topless Day NYC

National Topless Day New York NSFW

National Topless Day New York

Topless women Central Park

And there's always one of these characters…

National Topless Day New York dude

The Venice Beach event starred 200 women, 400 red-tape X's over nipples and other notable features you can read about here.

Or skip the first forty seconds of this video for the Miami Beach, FL footage:

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