Californian Republican releases bizarre “Young Frankenstein” themed political ad

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American politics have clearly entered a Dada phase. Mattie Fein, a woman who is challenging Rep. Jane Harman in California in the upcoming election, recently released an ad spoofing (paying homage to? ripping off? misusing?) Young Frankenstein, the classic 1974 Mel Brooks comedy. Creatively titled "Young Mattie Fein", even though she's not really in the role of the good doctor, the spot is… rather odd:

Ah, the scent of rational political discourse. Now, I do not know much about Rep. Harman. I do know she's one of those Blue Dog Democrats and, according to her Wikipedia page, is the second richest member of the House. (Good for her, I guess?) So maybe I'm going to interpret this ad wrong because I don't know enough of the background, but… you really think you'd hear about it if a US congresswoman was dating Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

I mean, that was the whole point of that, right? Yes or no, I think we can agree that as bonkers as this ad is, it could definitely use more furries.