Links: Apple developing a new laptop with an iPad screen

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Steve Jobs

Some sneaky Mac-o-philes have hunted down patents filed in Europe in 2009 that suggest that the newest Apple product in the pipeline is a laptop with a touch-screen like the iPad. We just have to wait for some junior exec to get drunk and leave one in a bar to be sure.

Firemen ghost-riding the whip with their firetruck; or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the things my tax dollars pay for.

These Miss Universe national costumes are like the Olympic Opening Ceremonies mixed with America’s Next Top Model.

The Snuggie is a bathrobe you wear backwards. The Snazzy Napper is a sleep mask with a blanket safety-pinned to it — we’re kicking ourselves for not thinking of this sooner.

And finally, as much as I loathe even mentioning the topic at all, this article on the whole "Obama is a Muslim" thing is succinct and compelling. (Did you hear that Lincoln character was a Catholic? A Catholic, I say!)