Ted Leo and the Pharmacists lampoon Green Day in “Bottled in Cork”

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists is one of those bands that aren't afraid to get silly sometimes, whom you'll often see rubbing shoulders with some of their favorite alternative comedians.

In their latest video for "Bottled in Cork" off their new album The Brutalist Bricks, Ted Leo recruits comedian Paul F. Tompkins as a theatre coach (think Christopher in Waiting for Guffman but as a British dandy fop) and John Hodgeman as a stuffy theatre critic. The mission? To stage the most embarrassing, soul-burying, profitable musical ever made (a la Green Day's American Idiot musical).

American Idiot spoof or not, I just enjoy the story. It reminds me of the Yo La Tengo video for "Sugarcube" from years back, where David Cross and Bob Odenkirk teach the band how to properly rock stadiums of fans and Rush enthusiasts.

Via Funny or Die