Jesse Eisenberg launches online wordplay game OneUpMe

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Jesse Eisenberg — who once helped us at Nerve improve our tastehas just re-launched the wordplay game that he and his cousin originally created in 2007, OneUpMe. (The only change seems to be that the new version requires you to sign up via Facebook; an interesting choice, given Eisenberg's upcoming role in The Social Network). Once you're on, you compete against all other players to come up with the best ending to a provided simile.

This is exactly the kind of literary, brainy game I would expect Eisenberg to create, and I have to say I already love it. Here's a handy, more thorough rundown of the game's rules:

Yesterday's winner was "She was like decaf coffee: no one understood why she was drunk in the morning," which is pretty fantastic. Today's provided simile is "He was like a refrigerator magnet: always holding up his report card." So have at it, Scanner readers!

Via Vulture.