Kari Byron, our favorite TV redhead, gets her own geeky show

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Kari Byron sexy redhead

"Head Rush," which premiered Tuesday night on the Science Channel, is already getting rave reviews as a spinoff from "Mythbusters." The format is simple: "A commercial free hour of MythBusters mashups, hosted by none other than Kari Byron. With games, experiments, special science celebs, and more." Oh, and did they mention Kari Byron? They did, but they could've better drawn us in with just those two words, repeated over and over.

Kari promises her special little show will show us how to spin 360 degrees on a swing — or explode into a ball of fire instead. The program also teases with promos like this one: "Strap yourself in as Kari Byron puts firecrackers into stem glass." (That's our new favorite euphemism.)

The first thing she should investigate is why redheads are just way, way sexier than the average person. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos we came across above, below and here.

Kari Byron in Head Rush

Kari Byron Mythbusters chick