Paul Verhoeven to return with “Hidden Force,” his first feature in four years

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Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, the man behind both Hollywood blockbusters like Robocop, Total Recall, and Basic Instinct, and Dutch arthouse classics like Turkish Delight and Soldier of Orange — not to mention one iconic Hollywood non-blockbuster, Showgirlswill direct The Hidden Force, his first feature film since 2006's well-received Black Book. The dark, World War II-centered Black Book had more in common with his Dutch movies than with the Hollywood stuff (although Verhoeven being Verhoeven, there was still a memorable scene of a beautiful woman dyeing her pubic hair). Titlewise, The Hidden Force might sound more like said Hollywood stuff (for some reason, I'm picturing Steven Seagal in a beret), but it's actually an adaptation of a 1900 historical novel by Dutch writer Louis Couperus, about tensions in Dutch-colonized Indonesia. Verhoeven doesn't always make good movies, but they're almost always interesting, and this one sounds very promising indeed.