Thailand’s vagina tree correctly “predicts” lottery numbers

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Vagina tree

Tabloid dug up a random story out of Thailand about the "vagina tree," which correctly predicted the lottery based on some strange markings* on the trunk. The numbers were simple — 008 — but they worked on the next go-around, and everyone in the village is rich. Or, well, richer — since they probably didn't all win $50 million Thai baht.

(*That, for all you men, is called the g-spot.)

Although the tree is nearly 100 years old, locals say it only caught their attention when it recently developed a “fist-sized sparkling” mound on top of a two-foot-long gash in its trunk. They believe the bizarre combination forms a resemblance to a vagina.

Widespread gossip of the hit numbers have piqued the curiosity of many, but no further successful predictions have been reported. [Tabloid Prodigy, via Jezebel]

Next, they'll find 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on the door of its hatch.