Tron-a-Sutra is the sex ed program for computer geeks

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Kama Sutra Tron

Tron: Legacy is the upcoming sequel to the cult-classic sci-fi thriller Tron, which starred (and still stars) Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.

Unfortunately, because it's a Disney film, there probably won't be any sex scenes between Bridges and his added co-star Olivia Wilde (or either of those two fine actors and anyone else, for that matter), which is why we're thrilled to have discovered the WonderHowTo's Wonderment blog creation Tron-a-Sutra.

Tron-a-Sutra is basically the Kama Sutra reenacted in video and photo essay form by one horny computerized couple. It may not be in 3-D or even plain ol' IMAX, but we'll take this porn-pardoy-esque version over Tron: Legacy… for now.

Tron-a-Sutra The 68 position

Tron Kama Sutra

Tron Kama Sutra

Tron Kama Sutra sex scene nsfw

Click here for the video.