Twenty-five websites Hooters doesn’t want you to see

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Hooters waitresses hold sporting equipment

You know what blows? Spending at eights at work with little else to do except troll your favorite sites (Nerve among them), all of which are blocked by a company firewall.

You know what's even worse? Reconvening for some post-work drinks at your favorite area restaurant, and discovering they also block your favorite websites.

Gizmodo found this out the hard way, and relays to us the 25 Websites Hooters Won't Let You Ogle, including:

Pussy Patrol, I understand. (Hooters and Pussy Patrol have been in lock-step competition for ages.) But vimeo? College Humor? Myspace and FunnyorDie? It feels like Hooters IT just googled "popular sites people go to" and banned all of those.