Was Ben Quayle a trashy gossip blogger before running for Congress?

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Ben Quayle, son of former VP Dan Quayle, is the strong front runner in the Republican primary in Arizona's 3rd congressional district. Because of his political connections, he's pretty much a lock for the nomination and, probably, the win, but now the founder of the gossip site is claiming that Quayle helped create and used to write for the (frankly, trashy) site in its early days under the pseudonym "Brock Landers." Not surprisingly, Quayle is denying this claim, saying the closest he came to the project was recommending an intellectual property lawyer.

You might remember Quayle from the disconcerting political ad I posted, which showcased a creepy lack of affect and thinly veiled intensity that was positively American Psycho-esque. (Think of it as "Mr. Bateman Goes To Washington.") So, could this same guy also be responsible for such marvelous features as "Brock's Chick", in which the writer searched all around Scottsdale, Arizona for various hot chicks?

For reference, here is the first "Brock's Chick" to appear on the site:

And here is what Mr. Landers had to say about her:

Unfortunately, such dreams will never happen because we will never be able to date. The Arizona legislature recently passed a bill that forbids me and this young lady from being an item because we’re too good looking. The debate surrounding this bill was very heated because our classic good looks are polarizing, but I understand they’re line of thinking. If we were to be seen together, our level of attractiveness would be a combined 142–and that’s on a scale of 1-to-5. There is a distinct possibility that persons in the general public would keel over and die from being inundated with such a high level of concentrated beauty. So, for the good of the public health, it is probably better if this lovely lady and I stay apart. I think we both deserve some sort of medal.



Are "Brock" and Ben one and the same? Brock did bring up the Arizona government, after all. But this is the kinds of claim that is easy to make and hard to prove, so I wouldn't put too much stock into it. I will say this, though: signing of a letter with "Latro" is unforgivable.

Via Politico.