Watch Dave Chappelle hijack a fan’s camcorder

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is probably enjoying his mountain top solitude somewhere, but in 2001 he was bringing it. This was during his period of quasi-success before Chappelle's Show and after Half Baked. He was hungry, edgy, on the verge of recording some amateur footage of himself dicking around during a performance:

He's in the now-defunct Boston Comedy Club (in New York City), RIP. While this video isn't super informative about Chappelle past or present (save for the fact that audiences love the shit out of him), it still goes in the treasure trove. Like Michael Jackson or any figure no longer alive or performing, any uncovered relic of their past is worth holding onto. Misplaced gravitas? Maybe. But there's a reason why it's going viral.

Via Buzzfeed