Links: The new Digg, redesigned and reconceived, launches today

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Digg, the giant vote-driven content aggregator site, re-launched today. Digg 2.0, offering users a customized line-up from all over the web, is an attempt to revitalize the site. Curious? Follow Nerve

In what may be the most affecting six minute video of all time, StoryCorps gives us the story of Danny and Annie, an older Brooklyn Couple who personify the idea of love we all wish we had."I always said the only thing I have to give you is a poor gift and it is myself." Sweetness.

Even more adorability: this Swedish guy made his girlfriend a love-letter playlist where the song titles spell out things like "It doesn't matter (Wyclef) Because (Perry Como) Nothing compares to you (Robert Ramirez)."

Already missing the penis repository that was Chatroulette? Blurry People, a new site, hooks you up with people whose pics become slowly clearer as you chat. Now, it will take several minutes for your ego to be crushed by judgmental strangers.

We'd bet the price of a movie ticket that someone at the Skyway Drive-In was growing a bit bored with his summer job.

The Baby Sitters' Club reimagined by Bret Easton Ellis: Ever wonder what the generation-defining books would be like with prescription drugs and a narrator who hates her friends and dreams about having sex thrown in? Neither did we.