Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman gets sued over leaked photos

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Anna Chapman sexy spy

Deported Russian spy Anna Chapman is creeping back into the spotlight in her obvious second career as a sexpot/model. Chapman has been posing left and right for her home country's men's magazines, including something called Russian Heat, which immediately makes us think of Caged Heat or just women-in-prison scenarios in general. 

Sadly, the photo shoot is nothing like that — it's pure R-rated (and not NC-17) trash, although we may never see it in its full form. Thanks to a lawsuit against Chapman, the entire shoot is under legal lockdown… but that didn't prevent them from ending up in our inboxes this morning, albeit marred by heinous watermarks:

[Heat] is now suing her for leaking the photos on her Facebook (and promptly complaining to all her “friends” and deleting the pics).

"The new pictures published today in Internet were made for my personal use and people that publish/print/sell those have no rights to them." [Animal NY, via Facebook]

It looks like the behind-the-scenes video has some issues, but at least there's this:

Anna Chapman Russian Heat sexy spy

Anna Chapman 2