Brian Williams brags about the size of his penis in “Elle”

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Frankly, is anyone surprised by this revelation? Brian Williams, the "hunky for an anchorman" anchorman of NBC Nightly News, was interviewed by Elle recently, and seemingly confessed to being gifted in the anatomy department. He's already intelligent, funny, and willing to poke fun at himself, so why not this, too? Somehow, they got to that point through a discussion of pleated pants:

ELLE: I actually have a close friend in DC who still wears pleats. His wife confessed to my wife that he couldn’t move to flat fronts because his penis was just too large.
BW: Well, I’m with him. It’s a huge issue. Kidding!

Aw, Brian. I refuse to believe you're kidding, mostly because I don't want to. Of course, Williams comes off as charming and funny even when he isn't talking about his member, as well. (Sorry, ladies and so-inclined men: he's taken.) This particular exchange made me smile as well:

ELLE: For our amusement, please share an especially painful memory from adolescence involving a girl.
Brian Williams: I found out after a junior high school summer vacation that my girlfriend had cheated on me, so I sent her what I thought was the craftiest sleeps-with-the-fishes, Mario Puzo–themed message: a 45 of the Ace song “How Long Has This Been Going On.”

So dorky! I wanted to finish this thing off with a clip of Williams on 30 Rock, where he's probably done the best out of all the "real world" people the show's brought on, but Hulu is being a nerd, so instead I'll let Williams teach you about squid: