Cincinnati cheerleader awarded $11 million judgment against gossip site for STD slander

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Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and schoolteacher Sarah Jones has been awarded $11 million in a libel suit against gossip and sex site The Dirty. The unnamed blogger who wrote a post about her said her ex-boyfriend was a cheating bastard who slept with 50 women before giving her two sexually-transmitted diseases.

The offensive post (or, what appears to be the post in question) is still up here, but the text that got The Dirty in deep referrs to her as "Sarah J" and mentions a rumor that her ex-boyfriend had chlamydia and gonorrhea, adding that they are sure she must have them, too, which is just awful and pointless. Amazingly, the plaintiff's attorney suggested that Jones offered to settle the lawsuit if The Dirty would only take down the posting, but they apparently refused.

Perhaps The Dirty tried to argue that it didn't use her last name — although they did say they were "sure" she had two STDs — but the court may not have appreciated that defense.