Playboy Magazine publishing an excerpt from “Madame Bovary”

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Playboy Magazine is publishing an excerpt from Madame Bovary.

Playboy Magazine, a publication that can hardly be described as scandalous anymore, is set to run an excerpt from what it calls "the most scandalous novel of all time," Madame Bovary. According to the cover of Playboy's September issue, the snippet from Gustave Flaubert's 153-year-old classic will be published alongside a "Pigskin Preview" and nude pictures of Kelly Brook, an actress alleged to have been in Piranha 3D

Playboy Magazine cover that will run an excerpt from Gustave Flaubert classic Madame Bovary

As explained within the magazine, Bovary's titular character is "one of literature's most celebrated sinners." This excerpt — or "sexcerpt," if you will — is from Lydia Davis' much-anticipated new translation, slated to hit shelves in late September.