Watch Betty White and Sigourney Weaver fight Kristen Bell

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No, sadly, it does not actually get physical. The three lovely women — and Odette Yustman, whom you may recognize from Cloverfield and who is, I'm sure, also lovely — appear together in this video for Funny or Die to promote their upcoming film You Again (for some reason minus Jamie Curtis, the other female lead). The movie is about a girl who's brother gets engaged to her high-school nemesis and hijinks scheming cat-fight crazy grandma heart-warming reconciliation!

You don't really need to know any of plot, is what I'm getting at, because the chances are good that this video will be funnier than the film itself. (Sorry, all those actresses whom I love! Please prove me wrong!)

While I love Sigourney Weaver's background recitation of all the successful, iconic, and box-office-smashing movies she's ever been in… how did Heartbeakers get in that list, exactly? And instead of Galaxy Quest?! Not cool, Funny or Die.