Links: Glenn Beck’s controversial rally to take place tomorrow, anniversary of MLK’s “Dream” speech

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Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream"

Tomorrow is a bad day to visit our nation's capital. Glenn Beck is assembling a bunch of Tea Party-ers for his huge "Restoring Honor" rally that controversially takes place on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Here is a clip of the Reverend Walter Fauntroy comparing the Tea Party and Beck to the KKK that aired on ABC. Beck responded by comparing him to Goebbels. The willingness to use hyperbolic historical comparisons might the one thing both parties share.

On a lighter note: the evolution of the fast food logo: How Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and other deep-fried and saturated tales.

Everyone likes Jon Stewart, and everyone also likes hating Fox News. So that means that everyone will really like these ten clips of Jon Stewart taking down Fox News.

Of these ten most annoying people at the bar, we still can’t help but kind of like the surly bartender. I mean, aren’t all bartenders supposed to be surly? That’s why we love them.

This urinal-sink combo is the greatest thing to happen to bathroom technology since the automatic flusher. Science wins again!

For any and all fans of the glory days of nineties alt-rock, check out former Washington DC radio DJ Johnny Riggs’ Flickr page for hundreds of Polaroids of everyone from Tori Amos to the Oasis boys.

And to get your weekend started, Vincent Gallo is selling his “personal services” through his website. His personal services include: his childhood bedspread, his motorcycle gloves, and, you know, his sperm.