“On The Next ‘Mad Men'” meme mocks the show’s almost meaningless previews

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If you're a fan of Mad Men, you must have noticed by now that the previews for the next week's episode amount to little more than a collection of non-sequiturs compiled solely to leave you in total dark with regards to upcoming plot developments. The preview might show Joan saying "I'm a lesbian now" and cut to a shot of a very intrigued Betty (don't we wish?), but when the episode comes you find out that Joan is actually talking to, like, Kinsey and the whole line is "I would never say 'I'm a lesbian now.'"

The point is: Mad Men's previews are previews in name only. One man decided to take some other popular shows, give them some dramatic background music, and see what would happen if he gave them the same treatment. For reference, here's an actual Mad Men preview:

And here is It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

And, uh… Jurassic Park:

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