January Jones not “getting into it” with Jason Sudeikis

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January Jones and Jason Sudeikis

Since the Emmy awards will be topical for about one more day, we should take this time to think about the finer red carpet moments. January Jones probably tops the list for grousing to People magazine that her new guy, Jason Sudeikis, has "never seen me naked, nor will he after those comments."

The jab is all in good fun, of course, because a never-nude January Jones means bad things for this world. Also, because she was calling back to Sudeikis's Lopez Tonight appearance a week earlier where he said, "Kidding. I do want to get into it. And I have." Presumably, "it" means Jones and "have" means "have had sex with my girlfriend."

That rapscallion! The Lopez Tonight clip is actually very cute – it's interesting to hear how Sudeikis started out (the Las Vegas Second City "casino branch") and how he made it onto SNL. Stand-up guy; he should really get in there.

Via Huffpo