Links: Huffington Post contributor will pay $100,000 for a Glenn Beck sex tape

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Glenn Beck in an NRA tshirt

Beau Friedlander, Huffington Post contributor, posted this morning on the site, offering one hundred grand to anyone who could produce a Glenn Beck sex tape. The post was quickly taken down, but the hilarity of the idea (although not of the image it conjures) will live in our minds forever.

South Carolina wildcard, er, Democratic Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, wrote an op-ed for The Guardian, also called the Senate and White House staff “Harvard Rich kids” and “fat cats.”

It’s the all-star hip-hop collaboration you’ve been waiting for since it was brought up on Twitter two weeks ago: Kanye West, Raekwon, and Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love” remix!

Finally something useful: an infographic of thirty-five awesome life hacks that cover everything from opening a banana the right way to choosing your thesis topic and getting free porn at hotels.

50 Cent is using his Twitter feed to uplift the young women of America. To strippers with low self-esteem, he offers two simple words of advice: "Kill yourself."

And finally, one in four strippers has a college degree, which is more than we can say for 50. Realizing that their liberal-arts degrees weren't of much use, these ladies may have it more together than their barista brethren.