Miranda Kerr’s nude Vogue shoot brings 3D to the magazine world

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Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 2

Miranda Kerr recently announced she's pregnant by husband Orlando Bloom and will probably be taking a hiatus from modeling until after she gives birth. To make sure we don't forget about her over the next seven-to-twelve months (depending on how much rest she takes, of course), Kerr recently kicked off the nude 3D magazine craze, which is sure to catch on once people get a load (stop it) of these pictures.

We still have the 3D glasses we forgot to recycle after seeing Toy Story 3, so these pictures worked for us. However, even without them, they're still surprisingly sexy:

Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 1

Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 3

Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 4

Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 5

Miranda Kerr 3D Nude 6

There is some dispute as to whether these appear in the September Vogue Italy or Vogue Spain, but it doesn't really matter… you've seen them all here first.