Iranian paper calls Carla Bruni “a prostitute” for defending woman sentenced to stoning

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The Iranian newspaper Kayham ran the headline "French prostitutes join the human rights protest" in response to France's first lady Carla Bruni's opposition to Iran's decision to stone an allegedly adulterous woman to death. In an open letter to the sentenced woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, Bruni wrote:

Why shed your blood and deprive your children of their mother? …Because you have lived, because you have loved, because you're a woman, and because you're an Iranian? Everything within me refuses to accept it.

The Iranian newspaper responded:

Although Bruni, the morally corrupt singer and actress of Italian (origin), was able to break the Sarkozy family and marry the French president, lately new reports have emerged about her affair with a singer…

Apropos. Bruni's humanitarian effort did have some effect as the stoning sentence has been overturned – though Ashtiani may still face execution by hanging. According to the AP, Ashtiani's first lawyer fled the country after recieving threats from the government. The home of Ashtiani's second lawyer was broken into by state authorities, who then took his computer. "Authorities say I'm banned from meeting my client. And they have told Ashtiani's two children that their mother didn't want to see them," he said. Hopefully, all the French prostitutes are thinking of a Plan B right now.

Via AP and BBC