Book nerds find true love via primitive bulletin boards

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Book nerds

Remember how we mercilessly mocked book lovers and music snobs for using sites such as Alikewise and Tastebuds, respectively, to find someone who met their impossibly high standards of taste? Well, one Brooklyn bookstore has figure out how to make it work the old-fashioned way: not just with paper books (gasp!) but actual bulletin boards made out of cork.

I know, I know, these people cannot be for real — but Word Bookstore can claim their hookup board, called Between The Covers, matched up two separate sets of lovey-dovey folks.

Stephanie Anderson, Word's manager, became inspired to set up a cork board for literary matchmaking. People fill out slips of paper with literary likes and dislikes along with contact information. The slips are then tacked onto the cork board.

Word matched up two sets of solid couples this way, one through a literary Prom in which the guy who was voted King won because he was smart enough to wear a tie. The Prom King met a young lady there who loves Neil Gaiman books and somehow this translates into a relationship. (I'm not trying to put them down, I'm just not convinced tastes in books is the most important thing about another person.) The second couple got together thanks to the message board itself:

“Russ and I had met [at a gallery] and became friends while working on a couple of events there over the summer. He told me he’d posted a personal on the Word board and convinced me to do it. About a month after I had left my info and had totally forgotten about it, I received this: ‘Saw your Word board posting… Love your literary taste. Hi, I’m Russ.’ I thought he was messing with me. Then I realized I’d left an ambiguous e-mail address. Still, didn’t he know that I was the girl who hates Joyce Carol Oates and authors named Chuck? As it turns out, no. Instead of letting it play out like some tired rom-com with a giggly blind date, I wrote back saying it was me. Cute, right? Seriously, I might puke.” [TimeOutNY]

Via Media Bistro.