See graffiti artist Banksy’s newly unveiled anti-BP project

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Ever-popular (well, sort of) British graffiti artist Banksy has revealed his newest work this week in Brighton, and this one involves live children, fake dolphins, and old-timey carnival music. (Sounds potentially illegal! But it's not. At least, no more illegal than any of his other pieces.) The piece is a send-up of those twenty-five-cent "rides" that you find on boardwalks or in malls, the ones in the shape of cars or animals that basically just rock back and forth in what has to be one of the least exciting kinds of amusements available. (Seriously, I would rather just spin around until my head feels fuzzy and I fall down. I loved doing that as a child. And look at me now!)

The fully functioning ride depicts a dolphin jumping over a sinking barrel of BP oil as a sickly looking slick of crude spreads out around it in a circle. Here's a video of the piece in action:

This is cool and all, but I bet that little girl doesn't even know what she's protesting on that ride. She'd probably go along with any political movement that allowed her to ride a cute animal at a seaside resort town. Jeez, kids can be such posers, you know?

Via Towleroad.