Joan Cusack joins Showtime’s remake of Channel 4’s “Shameless”

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Shameless, the hilarious British comedy about a working-class family in the Manchester area, is getting a US remake thanks to Showtime that will hopefully be more The Office than Coupling. (The less said about that abomination, the better.) And while I mourn — very deeply, because I love her so — the departure of Allison Janney from the show's female lead, I can't complain about the replacement: one Joan Cusack, whom I often think of as "The Best Thing In a Bad Movie." (Seriously, she's been in some crap. But she's always so watchable!) It really is some inspired casting; I never realized how alike they were until I heard about it.

In case you don't know about Shameless, which was also one of the first big roles for known hottie James McAvoy, here's a clip (from the fifth season, not that there are really any spoilers here):

That should give you a good read on the show: alcoholism and MRSA jokes. The Showtime adaptation will move the family from Manchester to Chicago and feature William H. Macy as the alcoholic father to Cusack's… third wife, I believe. Who knows what havoc the US will wreak on this series, though. For all I know she could be his daughter.

Via Deadline.