Sarah Palin likens Obama to Orwell via Twitter

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Sarah Palin attacks Barack Obama with George Orwell via Twitter

When Sarah "Time Bomb" Palin heard her president declare an end to American combat in Iraq, she sensed something was amiss. After poring over the many scholarly tomes that surely line her home office, Palin utilized her Twitter feed to expose Obama's Orwellian tendencies

Palin sent out the above tweet shortly after last night's Obama speech. In it, she draws comparisons between the current administration's war narrative and "old Orwell books," by which we presume she probably means… 1984? And maybe Animal Farm. Or perhaps even The Jungle, which was in fact written by Upton Sinclair, making it the perfect curveball for a known rogue like Palin. 

Sarah Palin used Twitter to declare Barack Obama a George Orwellian nightmare.

But as with most of her utterances, it's less about what she's saying and more about what she's saying. Yet due to uncharacteristically cautious rhetoric like "may," "can be," and "depending on," even that remains elusive. So, basically, it's impossible to decipher why Palin is urging Americans to decipher things. Who knew that one could say so little with as many as 140 characters? Oh, wait, Orwell did.