Anti-immigrant Governor of Arizona has a breakdown during TV debate

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Arizona is a police state

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is the new hero of the right wing's anti-immigrant crusade, signing a bill to allow coppers to basically racially profile Hispanics in the interest of "fightin' terr'ism" or whatever. Of course, terrorists aren't that interested in blowing up one story adobe houses in the desert or strapping bombs to foxes and sending them into a Pink Taco, but try telling that to people who just voted for John McCain to be their Republican candidate for Senator again.

In this video from a recent televised debate, Brewer is suddenly faced with having to explain why any sane person would actually vote for her. She fails miserably, giving a terribly uncomfortable performance. The only thing missing here is the final nail — a Glenn Beck-style crying jag.

Other than start an ID law that's meant to harass dirty, no-good, brown-skinned cocaine lovers out of town, what has she actually done? In her words, sue the federal government and prevent Arizonans from having healthcare. Sounds like a great piece of campaign lit.

To me, the worst part isn't even the pauses and total lack of cohesive thought, it's saying "we have done everything that we could possibly do." The obvious retort in every viewer's mind following that could only be: "Then why would we want to re-elect you?"