Hugh Jackman co-stars in cancer patient’s video tribute to his wife

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Kristian Anderson video tribute New Zealand

35-year-old Sydney, Australian man Kristian Anderson has a lovely wife of seven years, two sweet little boys, and intestinal cancer. He is undergoing chemotherapy and, while he may not have been the world's most helpful husband lately because of it, he had not forgotten how amazing his wife Rachel (from New Zealand) has been through his ordeal.

So, for her birthday, he got together the Prime Minister of Kiwis (his name, despite what you may have seen on Flight of the Conchords, is not Brian) and Hugh Jackman for a touching birthday tribute.

Jackman has the very briefest of cameos (sheesh), but anything that gets you to check out this beautiful video is worth it:

Rachel's Birthday Video from Kristian Anderson on Vimeo.