Links: Palin bombs another interview, another oil rig explodes

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oil rig explosion

In the 'inevitable-yet-compelling disasters' category: The interviewer for Sarah Palin's Vanity Fair profile came forward to say that she's basically the worst person you've ever met. And another oil rig exploded.

Reddit user mrsammercer is trying to organize a rally — lead by Stephen Colbert — to parody and mock the "Restoring Honor" rally held by Glenn Beck last week. The proposed title? "Restoring Truthiness."

Technology has permanently changed the way we date. Like TigerText, which deletes nude and scandalous text messages after you've opened them. What did the unfaithful do in 1998? 

In more "power of the internet" news, 4chan users have decided to take a break from hunting puppy killers to try to round up guests for a WWII vet's birthday party. Surprisingly sweet.

Whenever you start to think that Twitter is nothing but a dumping ground for vapid misspellings, remember the shining lights in the darkness. Like this list, of the great tweets of Conan O'Brien.

Jerry Stiller, who played George Castanza's dad on Seinfeld went to visit the actual home that they used in the show. Two crazy-awesome eighty-four-year olds live there, and was pretty cute.