Snoop Dogg set off Jimmy Fallon’s fire alarm with “cigarette”

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Snoop Dogg smoking a blunt

By now, you would think talk show staffers would know to put Snoop Dogg in a ventilated room while he waits to go on the air. Unfortunately for the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon team (God, we're still not used to writing those words — it still seems like a prank that this show is on the air), they neglected to properly handle a Snoop appearance this week and panic and pandemonium ensued.

Apparently, Snoop and his entourage were hanging out in the green room of the NBC studio, smoking "cigarettes" when the room lit up with flashing lights. Everyone shrugged and Snoop continued to smoke his doobie — uh, his totally legal tobacco. Meanwhile, out in the hallways and offices, everyone was being hoarded out of the building as it was stormed by the fire department, looking for the source of the "fire."

Later, on the show, Snoop (jokingly?) complimented Fallon on the nice flashing blue lights. Fallon had to explain to him that, dude, those were not to get the dance party started.

The host then responded, explaining, "That's because the fire alarm went off… That's when the fire department came," prompting Snoop to quip: "I thought ya'll did that for me man!"

Smoking indoors wasn't the only crime Snoop committed, Fallon hinted his cigarette was filled with marijuana, telling the audience, "The green room's was a little more green than usual." [Starpulse]

Forgive us for asking this, but is the only comedy on this show unintentional? Has it gotten any funnier?