Fox News claims hipsters are Osama Bin-Laden sympathizers, destroying America

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Bill O'Reilly Conservative Blowhard

In an article posted on Fox News' website titled "The Trouble with Hipsters," correspondent and "comedian" Steven Crowder takes hipster bashing to a new level. Those bearded youth aren't just making noisy music, they're destroying America.

"If you were to ask the modern hipster, he… I mean she… Sorry, IT is likely under the impression that Usama Bin Laden is wearing skinny jeans in his cave, currently listening to Animal Collective as he throws back cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Certainly Al Qaeda shares a common bond with the trust-fund jackass, bobbing his head at the Vampire Weekend concert."

Nailed 'em! According to Crowder, the problem is the "subliminal indoctrination" often bred by "college and faux-alternative entertainment," stating if it weren't for these things, and people like Noam Chomsky, "terrorists would have no young American sympathizers to call their own." He concludes his argument/rant/nonsensical bullshit with the following profundity:

"It seems to me that at one point in our country’s history, young people adopted fashion styles that would come back to haunt them decades later. Today, young people are increasingly adopting fashionable philosophies that could hurt the world for decades to come."

The sheer strength of Bill O'Reiley's pride-boner must be magnificent.