New York Times obsessed with small boobs this week

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Small boobs

Gothamist picked up on something that somehow escaped our attention: the New York Times ran two stories this week celebrating women with so-called "small boobs." 

The NY Times has at least two stories about bras today. There's a Styles section piece on small breasted-women feeling empowered while the New York section has an interview with bra store owner Linda Becker, who says of breasts' changing nature, "All through life your breasts change. You work out, you have babies, you have a condition, you lose weight, you gain weight, you’re lifting weights, your back gets bigger. Sometimes you do none of these things and your breasts change. I always say breasts have a mind of their own. They’re like two bad kids. If you don’t control them, they’re out of control."  [Gothamist]

Okay, so one of the stories is about bras, but several people have pointed out the bra story is written in such a way as to give, uh, support to those whose breasts are not freakishly large.

Wrong, says Ellen Shing, the owner of Lula Lu, a Web site and boutique in San Mateo, Calif., that cater to AAA- to A-cup sizes. She says that while a small number of her customers come in looking for padded bras and tell her, “Make me as big as you can,” the majority “don’t want to supersize themselves.”

Those customers, including ones who are nearly ironing-board flat, “are happy with their bodies,” said Ms. Shing, 42, who wears a 36AA. “It’s a misconception still that you want to be bigger if you’re smaller.” She isn’t sure if the small-and-loving-it attitude she has noticed is “about pride or more like being O.K. with who they are.” But it’s fueling her sales. [NY Times]

Is it possible America is finally going to stop pretending big is always better?