Princess Diana in her underwear in Chinese lingerie ads

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Princess Diana in Chinese lingerie ads

In a controversial (and kind of bizarre) new ad campaign, a Chinese lingerie company unveiled a series of billboards depicting a scantily clad Princess Diana. In one, a look-alike model, wearing only a bra, panties and tiara (of course), is playing the cello while gazing at an angelic child. The image is accompanied by the slogan "Feel the Romance of British Royalty". Because nothing says romance like an unhappily married and ultimately doomed princess playing a stringed instrument — in the presence of a toddler, no less.

The unveiling of the ads by Jealously International Garments, now on prominent display at airports and city centers across Southern China, coincided with the thirteenth anniversary of Diana's death. The Royal Family has yet to comment on the use of the late-Princess' likeness, though the rest of Britain / the internet seem righteously pissed-off.

It begs the question, how soon is too soon? Would it be a big deal to use Jackie O? Also, will the next set of ads feature Prince Charles in his knickers?