Craigslist takes down Adult Services, claims “censorship”

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Craigslist censored its erotic services section

After months of intense pressure from lawmakers and bad publicity across the country, Craigslist responded to complaints about its Adult Services section by changing its titled to "censored" and taking down the page.

Now, most Craigslist sites have the "censored" bar seen above on their front pages and no link. However, this isn't the end of the issue — according to some observers, it may be an attempt by the site to prove that closing Adult (formerly Erotic) Services will only send illegal activity to other sections of Craigslist… or to other sites.

The New York Times quoted Richard Blumenthal, one of the entirely public-spirited attorneys general who have been pressuring Craigslist for some time, as saying: "If this announcement is a stunt or a ploy, it will only redouble our determination to pursue this issue with Craigslist, because they would be in a sense be thumbing their nose at the public interest." [CNET]
Blumenthal, it should be noted, is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate from Connecticut, vying for the seat Chris Dodd is surrendering.
When it replaced its Erotic Services section and replaced it with Adult Services, Craigslist began to charge for the ads, promised it would screen them individually and ask advertisers to leave a phone number with which the ad could be associated. The company decided to do this even though the law seems to offer it full support, as the Communications Decency Act states that sites are not liable for the material posted on their pages. [CNET]