James Franco masturbates a lot, gives people panic attacks

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That's not a cause and effect thing, though. At least, I don't think it is. James Franco's been doing the whole publicity thing for Danny Boyle's upcoming film 127 Hours — in which Franco plays mountaineer Aron Ralston, the man who was trapped by a boulder crushing his arm, which he eventually cut off — and during his interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he offered up this little factoid, which will certainly be of interest to those of you who find Franco rather alluring:

[laughs] OK. You asked the question. [pause] I spend a fair amount of time alone, especially when I travel maybe to something like this or for work or whatever, but I’m in hotels a lot for a lot of my life. And I don’t mind it because I have a lot of stuff to do on my own. I have a lot of reading to do for school or whatever. [pause, laughs] You asked! So, when I’m alone, I do masturbate a lot. I don’t know why. It’s like you have those days where it’s just like, I have a ton of writing to do, or a ton of reading to do, and you’re just like, OK, I’m going to be on the couch all day or in bed all day just doing that… I tend to have a four- or five-time day. [breaks out laughing] So, I probably would have if I was stuck under a rock.

(Semi-unrelated side note: do you think that when an interviewer gets a quote like this from a name like Franco, fireworks start going off in their brain, spelling out the word "YES"? I like to think so.)

In other 127 Hours-related news, early showings of the film, which is just starting to hit film festivals and selected screening, are proving what anyone familiar with the story of Ralston could probably guess: this is an intense thing to watch. Medics were called to two theaters over the weekend to treat viewers, one of whom experienced light-headedness and another who had a panic attack.

So, you know… proceed with caution, I guess, when this thing hits your local cinema. My suggestion? Take a paper bag with you, just to be safe, and if you feel yourself starting to freak out, just take deep breaths into the bag while repeating to yourself, "James Franco masturbates four or five times a day, James Franco masturbates four or five times a day, James Franco masturbates four or five times a day…"

That should help.

Via Towleroad.