Links: Florida Church to hold Quran burning on Sept. 11

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The Holy Koran

A church in Gainsville, Florida has promised to go ahead with "Burn a Koran day," on September 11, 2010 despite protests from just about everybody. Those of us not protesting feel somewhere between angry and embarrassed.

We're not big on shame, here at Nerve, but these folks, the thirteen most shameless public masturbators, probably should have had a little.

The eighteen rappers you should follow on Twitter. And that's not a rhetorical endorsement; you should. It will improve your life. "Don't let the holiday get you slandered for no reason, b."

This is Larry King singing "Poker Face." It's much funnier with no context. Skip to 0:43 and try not to laugh in uncomfortable confusion.

And finally, more Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing. "This is going to be worth you sitting and watching me tune my fucking guitar," as he puts it. And it is: