Philadelphia cyclists ride nude to protest air pollution

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Philadelphia naked bike ride

It's been ages since we've had a good nude bicycling protest to tell you about. The Philly Naked Bike Ride took place on Sunday, to the delight of thousands of perverted amateur photographers and the horror of tourists on red double decker buses (see below.)

The ride was to promote clean air in the city of Naked Brotherly Love. Cue "…the only pollution comes from those damn hippies and their b.o…."

Philly naked bike ride 2010

Philly nude bike ride 2010

Philly nude bike ride pedestrian reactions

Because some lame Flickr photographers are against people seeing their tossed-off photos, we present a few from the 2009 event, which we didn't really cover, and a video from this year's parade, which we haven't watched.

Philly nude bike ride

Philly naked dude bike ride

Philly naked bike ride 2009

And yes, there was plenty of male nudity this year — surprisingly, most of the nudity involved dudes.

Images of the 2009 via here, here and other Flickr pools. 2010 via here and here.