David Blaine makes an appearance at Fashion Week, for some reason

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David Blaine

The only thing more ineffectual than David Blaine and magic in general has to be David Blaine performing magic in front of a bunch of people that only care about harem pants. (That's what they care about, right?)

David Blaine showed up for the premiere of New York's Fashion Week on Tuesday night – a veritable who's who of the city's most influential, harem-panted royalty. According to Huffpo, the VIP list included "Lorenzo Martone, Waris Ahluwalia, Fernanda Motta, Devon Aoki, Maria Cornejo and Mark Borthwick, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley and Halmos, Claude Morais and Brian Wolk of Ruffian," all of whom you recognize immediately (or maybe you wear "jeggings").

At the Flatiron rooftop party, Blaine "showed off a variety of card tricks and helped many of the fashionistas in the crowd bend a quarter with their bare hands." Feats of pure strength! Magic! Wearing a ratty baseball cap? Sartorial misdirection! Blaine may be wiser than we thought: