Links: “New York Times” editor says the newspaper will stop printing in the future

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The New York Times Headquarters

An editor at The New York Times just said, in an interview, that he was certain the paper would stop printing one day. Which we probably already knew, but still, it's a little unnerving.

In the last episode of Mad Men, Don Draper had an unprecedented breakdown. And now, the internet has made a meme to mock him for it.

This list of the most tolerant signs protesting (in favor of) the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero gives us a little bit of hope. Now, if only we could ignore these signs

The residents of Lustful Court are trying to change the name of their street. Kind of like that guy who got in trouble for living in Fort Gay, WV.

And finally, in an odd viral-marketing ploy, IKEA released one hundred cats inside one of their stores. It is not clear to us exactly why. It is, however, funny.