Ellen closes the Richie Rich show at New York Fashion Week

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It's Fashion Week in New York City, readers, and you know what that means: Clothes! Parties! Packs of desperately hungry models, trolling the streets at night in search of sustenance. As someone who stares longingly at clothing I wouldn't even wear (hello, Alexander McQueen Spring 2008  collection!), this is a very exciting time. And even if you don't care about fashion, wouldn't you be excited if America's favorite lesbian (that's probably true, right?) was involved?

Lucky for you, then, that Ellen Degeneres closed the Richie Rich show yesterday. Richie Rich — a former club kid, and part of the label Heatherette — puts on the trashiest, and probably most fun, show during fashion week. (Former shows have included Pamela Anderson and Amanda Lepore.) It's not exactly in sync with Ellen's image, as there's a lot of nudity and inappropriateness, but girl works it (skip ahead to about 2:20):

In other fashion-related news: tiny hats and hot pants, huge for 2011. Trust me, guys.