Ukranian dance team banned from world championships because of their sexiness

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Red Foxes dance team photo

Sad news out of Turkey: the Red Foxes Dance Team have been causing controversy at the international basketball championships. The Foxes (an apt description), who support their Ukranian country-mates, were told not to show up for the final game of this year's FIBA, although they were allowed at other games and were forced to wear pants, according to some reports. Maybe the Turkish government was worried everyone would emigrate to Ukraine?

The Red Foxes have been told to stop performing in games involving the host country because their risque costumes and routines are offensive to the nation that is nearly entirely Muslim. Islam prohibits women from exposing their skin in public.

Basketball's governing body said Wednesday the ban was not its decision. Secretary general Patrick Baumann said he wants entertainment to be part of the games, but "if it needs a little bit of adjustment that is fine with us."

FIBA's statement did not include who imposed the ban or the reason for it… [NBC]

An user thinks that, since Turkey has tolerated cheerleaders in the past, this is just another example of a fearful politician trying to appease zealots on the far-right.

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