Australian Prime Minister’s stepdaughter dons skimpy flag bikini to honor her

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Staci Child Julia Gillard sexy bikini photos

Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister of Australia in June and she's already shaking things up Down Under. That is, her family is clearly bent on bringing their support and love of each other to the national stage, starting with stepdaughter Staci Child, who posed for "ladmag" Zoo this week, much to the shock of the conservatives.

Ms Child, 31, posed in a patriotic bikini with an Australian flag and a ballot box for Zoo Weekly.

The daughter of Ms Gillard's partner, Tim Mathieson, flaunted her tattoos and toned body but stopped short of revealing all in the saucy photo shoot.

The tattooed… stylist said her dad had given the pictures the thumbs up. "When I showed him the photos, he loved them," she said. "I think Julia will think it's a very Australian thing to do."

Ms Child was raised by her mum in Shepparton, Victoria, but remains close to her father. []

As I said, conservatives weren't as thrilled. Here are some of their remarks: 

-"Recognising generational change in opinions, there would be many in the community, including me, that see the use of the flag in this way as most inappropriate.

-"It may be somewhat undignified and not what you would have done but then again you've got to allow young people a certain degree of liberty in these sort of things. Apart from questions of good taste or not, that's not the issue. The issue is that she obviously likes the flag and that's a good thing."  []

Good news for those of us who live in New York — at least the States: Child told the papers that she's enjoying life as a resident of the boroughs.