Playboy centerfold tries to bail out of JetBlue’s emergency slide

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Tiffany Livingston Playboy model

A Playboy model is under arrest today after she tried to jump out of a JetBlue flight while it was in mid-air. The Steven Slater wannabe was apparently under duress after failing to take the proper dosage of anti-anxiety meds she claims she's been prescribed. Her name is Tiffany Livingston and she's a 21-year-old Playboy centerfold who recently launched the magazine's spinoff, VIP, in Singapore.

Livingston was jetting from Orlando to Newark when she had a major panic attack and tried to open the exit door to escape via slide — but the plane was still well in the air. According to the New York Post, federal charges are pending even though there was no damage and little chance of that actually happening.

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Tiffany Livingston hot centerfold

Tiffany Livingston JetBlue anxiety hot