Sexy “Sesame Street” costumes are a big “don’t” for this Halloween

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Every Halloween season, we look forward to alerting you to the best and worst new costume ideas in the marketplace. Surely you'll agree with us that none of them will possibly top this in the "worst" category — sexy Sesame Street costumes. Way to burn our childhood memories and then stomp on the ashes,

Here's the "sassy" female Big Bird costume, with its sexy legwarmers and fluffy yellow dress, a combination which ensures you'll be showing a teasing bit of upper thigh this year.

Big Bird sexy Halloween costume

Really, we couldn't eat another one. No, please. No. More. Cookie. Then again, if sexy Cookie Monster is holding it behind her head and tempting us to get really close to her in order to snatch one, we'll bite:

Sexy Cookie Monster costume

And lastly, the Elmo costume, perfect for your next tickling porn parody.

Sexy Elmo costume

The Consumerist has more on this horror show, although this is thankfully as awful as it gets.