Skateboarder steals Koran from religious wackos intent on burning it

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Qu'ran burning skateboarder kid stole it

An International Burn A Qur'an Day event ended up being a triumph for religious freedom after a young man stole the Qu'ran/Koran scheduled for burning. Jacob Isom is a hero to his local Islamic community after riding through the park and snatching the book from the hands of a fascistic "pastor" who was covering the book in lighter fluid:

In Amarillo, Texas, David Grisham, director of Repent Amarillo, “which aims to deter promiscuity, homosexuality and non-Christian worship practices through confrontation and prayer,” planned to burn the Islamic holy text at a public gathering. But before he could set the book ablaze, a 23 year-old skateboarder named Jacob Isom swooped in and grabbed it:

A planned Quran burning Saturday in Amarillo was thwarted by a 23-year-old carrying a skateboard and wearing a T-shirt with “I’m in Repent Amarillo No Joke” scrawled by hand on the back.

Jacob Isom, 23, grabbed David Grisham’s Quran when he became distracted while arguing with several residents at Sam Houston Park about the merits of burning the Islamic holy book. “You’re just trying to start Holy Wars,” Isom said of Grisham after he gave the book to a religious leader from the Islamic Center of Amarillo.

Local news station News Channel 10 covered the event and interviewed Isom. Isom told News Channel 10 that “he heard something about burning the Qur’an. Then I snuck up behind [Grisham] and told him, ‘Dude, you have no Qur’an,’ and took off.” [Think Progress via Amarillo Globe-News]

The video embed below might not work for all of you, but you must check it out at Think Progress.

Why do we get the feeling that these same nutjobs crying "free speech" as an excuse to burn books are the same people who would riot if someone burned a Bible or the American flag? Right, because that's totally different.