Watch a clip from James Gunn’s “Super” with Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page

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Super, the upcoming film from the director of Slither, follows a man (Rainn Wilson) who decides to battle crime when his wife (Liv Tyler) starts messing around with a local drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), and is joined in the fight by a possible sociopath who works at a comic book store (Ellen Page). He goes by the name "Crimson Bolt" and his preferred weapon is the business end of a wrench. If it sounds a bit like a more comical Kick-Ass, that's because it basically is, but Gunn seems to have a love of genre films that gives me hope the film will deserve more credit than that description gives. Plus, Nathan Fillion is in it, and that man is fine.

In this promising clip, we get to see the aftermath of the Crimson Bolt and his sidekick Bolty's assault on a man who maybe keyed someone's Jetta. You clearly do not want to get on Bolty's bad side:

And Super was just picked up by IFC after a pretty successful showing at the Toronto film festival, so it's one step closer to actually getting distributed. Yay for that.